Pole Signs

A pole sign is the best permanent option if your company wants to draw people off an exit or attract people driving by your location.

Our pole signs can help power your business! When you use an LED pylon sign design, you increase the number of people seeing and noticing your location.

A pole sign can quickly and effectively communicate to nearby drivers about what your business offers and how nearby you are to their current location. A well-designed pole sign can include your brand slogan, company logo, and even changing messages via plastic letters or LED panels that create illuminated messages.


Permitting can be quite a headache. But you don’t have to worry about it because we’ll take care of the whole process. We can secure all permits for your next signage project. We have state and city licensing, and we are UL certified. We make the whole process easy.

Let Us Design Fabricate Install Your Pole Sign.

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